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HEALTH FOR LIFE | Mastering the Integrated Approach

Melbourne VIC | 5-6 May 2018

8th Science of Nutrition in Medicine Conference

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Integrative Cancer Care

Wellington, NZ | 28-29 July 2018

The revised cancer care module will explore the speciality area of integrative oncology.


MedEd 4 Everyone

Melbourne, VIC | 2 June 2018

Save the date!

Our next MedEd 4 Everyone event in Melbourne will be on Saturday 2 June, 2-5pm.

Webinar Transgender Web Event

Integrative Transgender Care

Webinar | 12 April 2018

ACNEM is proud to present Clinical Nutritionist James Lyons, as he talks about Integrative Transgender Care, a guide to Nutritional Support during Medical Transition.